I am Mike Vander Ploeg, welcome to my efolio page.  I came to Holy Cross College because it was the best opportunity for me from an athletic and educational stand point.  Most of my life has revolved around my faith, athletics, and academics.  I am more than just a student-athlete who loved the game of basketball, and had the drive to earn a degree.  I am much more.

Throughout this efolio I will be taking you on a journey to learn more about who I am, and what experiences I have had in my life to shape me into the person that I am today.

The theme throughout this efolio will unfold as we go.  Simply put, my theme is "I am more..."

I am earning my Business degree with minors in English and Sports Management.  I am planning on moving into the future with drive and ambition in whatever direction God leads me knowing that I have become much more than what I had anticipated, and will be much more than what I am today.

My favorite author is Dr. Suess because I love the simplicity of his words and the fact that they still contain so much meaning and advice as they pertain to life.